Kawasaki Zed One

The Zed is the iconic motorcycle of the 1970’s. There’s lots of information on the web relating to the history of this bike but in essence it was “The King” of the 70’s and probably the first complete super bike package.

To me it is a classic machine that combines the looks of many British classics with the best of the US and Jap engineering. It has great proportions that centre round the legendary straight four double over head cam motor.

This is an early 1015 cc Z1000A1, originally exported to the US in 1976. It is now far from original since it has been a street fighter in the past and now tries to look like an A1.

Currently it’s undergoing some restoration work!

It does ride well for a 33 year old bike and is very enjoyable around the lanes near home. Not as quick as modern sports bikes but with about 80BHP it does crack a tonne and will get there pretty dam swift.



Great Bikes of the 70’s: Kawasaki 903 Z1

KZ1000 on Wikipedia

July 2010: After a long hard winter slog I’ve got her running again. Frame powder coated, new rims and spokes, new bearing, new tyres, lots of cleaning, painting and polishing. Countless other bits that I’ve lost track off but she is looking and running a lot better 🙂


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