TVR Griffith 500

What an awesome beast of a car this was. It’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer but in the same breath it’s stunningly good looking.

Bye bye TVR :(

Had this car for about 4 years and in all honesty I think it spent more time up on axel stands in the my garage. Felt like I spent more time working on it than driving it and in the end I came to the conclusion that it was just not a car you can really enjoy on the road.

0-60 in sub 5 sec and believe me it does it. If you had big enough balls I’m sure it would crack 150mph. Absolutely brutal power delivery with so much mid range torque it was dam dangerous in the wet and needed respect in the dry.
I have had passengers get out of this car shaking and one even screamed when I hit the gas in 2nd. He swore blind it was a scream of joy but the smell told a different story.


I really miss this car and would have an other tomorrow, IF I could afford to keep something more practical like the Boxster.

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